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The Atlanta Braves Hall Of Fame, SunTrust Park, Atlanta, Georgia

Modeled on the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, the Atlanta Braves Hall of Fame at SunTrust Park recognises the outstanding contributions made to the Braves franchise by its former players, coaches, scouts, announcers and owners throughout the franchise's long history.  Established in 1999, it serves as a permanent reminder of those that have made the Braves the team they are today and the longest continually operating franchise in Major League Baseball, beginning in Boston in 1871, through its Milwaukee years and finally in Atlanta.  This great heritage icon is well worth a trip when visiting SunTrust Park.


The Braves Franchise

Boston - 1871-1952

Milwaukee - 1953-1965

Atlanta - 1966-Present


Members of the Braves Hall of Fame



Bill Bartholomay

Ted Turner


Managers, Scouts, Trainers and Coaches

Bobby Cox


John Schuerholz

Paul Snyder


Bill Lucas

Dave Pursley

 Leo Mazzone

Joe Torre


Skip Caray

Pete Van Wieren

Ernie Johnson

Don Sutton

 Joe Simpson


Greg Maddux

Tom Glavine


John Smoltz


Kid Nichols

 John Sain

 Lew Burdette

Phil Niekro


Warren Spahn

 Tim Hudson


Del Crandall

Javy Lopez



Hank Aaron

 David Justice

Rabbit Maranville

 Tommy Holmes

 Eddie Mathews

 Dale Murphy

 Ralph Garr

 Herman Long

Hugh Duffy

Chipper Jones

Andruw Jones

Terry Pendleton

Joe Adcock

Opening Hours

This is now a permanent exhibit of SunTrust Park and requires no separate admission.  It can be accessed from the concourse during game time and is incorporated into the SunTrust Park ballpark tour.